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Boulderfield Farm

Summer morning shadows on the Boulderfield Farm

Summer morning shadows on the Boulderfield Farm

Drawn irresistibly to the half-mile North River frontage that featured an interesting limestone cliff, open pasture, and dense woodland, George and Elaine had found their dream farm in Delray, West Virginia back in 1964.

Initially the property was used for family recreation on weekends and vacations. The Vogt family and their friends and neighbors delighted in the 100 yard long stretch of deep water that became “the ole swimming hole.” At the time George was working with an Explorer Scout troop and they used the farm, named “Boulderfield” by Elaine’s mom, as a base for white water canoe trips and caving expeditions.

In these early years the Vogts and their friends camped until they later renovated and enlarged an old outbuilding to create a weekend cabin. They salvaged materials from the dilapidated farmhouse to renovate the cabin and build a tool and equipment shed.

The Vogts and their three children enjoyed many happy times with friends and family on this beautiful property. The Scouts particularly liked rappelling down the face of the limestone cliff and exploring the shelter caves below the rim. Several Indian arrowheads have been discovered over the years at the south end of the cliff.

In 1984, Elaine and George moved from College Park and made Boulderfield Farm their permanent home. They established a conservation easement “in order to preserve the natural characteristics of the land to the greatest extent possible, with the expectation that its beauty and tranquility will continue to bring enjoyment to future owners. As we review the past history of this land, it becomes apparent that no one ever owns it, but are only temporary stewards. We hope that we will be viewed as having been good stewards.”

These stories — humorous or infamous — bond these folks to the land and to each other, conserving friendship and a piece of paradise forever.

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