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Conservation Easement Purchase

Most landowners negotiate a voluntary land protection agreement, legally known as a conservation easement, with the Trust and receive generous federal income tax benefits for their contribution.

However — if your land meets certain criteria — we may be able to purchase a conservation easement from you. For us to purchase your conservation easement, your property must hold special conservation values such as important agricultural soils or rare or important wildlife habitat which might be particularly resilient to the effects of climate change or include rattlesnake dens, woodrats, or bat caves.

It is not a simple matter for the Trust to raise funds for conservation easement purchases — some projects have been successful and some have not. Our success in raising money heavily depends on the energy, enthusiasm, flexibility and dedication that you, the landowner, bring to the project and to the funding agencies and individual financial donors.

We welcome your inquiry regarding your special parcel. Please keep in mind that there are far more requests than dollars for conservation easement purchases. Remember, you can always donate your conservation easement and receive significant federal income tax deductions.

Please contact the Trust’s Executive Director, Kelly Watkinson or Nancy Ailes for a no-obligation appointment. Kelly can be reached at (304) 856-1188, or and Nancy can be reached at (304) 268-6167, or