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In Memory of George MacDonald

George MacDonald, Cacapon, West Virginia, circa 1970

George MacDonald, Cacapon, West Virginia, circa 1970

Dear Ms. Ailes,

My father (George MacDonald) passed away recently. In lieu of flowers we are asking people to donate to the Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust since he cherished the area for so many decades.

In the late 1960’s my father bought 55 acres on Route 9, west of Great Cacapon. It was part of the old Hutchinson homestead, complete with the old farmhouse with a springhouse and an outhouse instead of running water. My family spent every spare weekend and much of our summers there, hiking, swimming, fishing, hunting, camping, clearing brush, and otherwise enjoying the beautiful location. My father loved it there, and spent much of his free time caring for the land. Attached is a photo, circa 1970, of him taking a break from his work.

The property has since passed to me, and I in turn plan to hand it down to my son who has also grown up camping and working there. I know my father would be pleased with the work you are doing with the Trust, and that he will have played a role, however small, in helping preserve the watershed.

Thanks, and best of luck to you.

Chuck MacDonald