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Our Approach

We concentrate but don’t limit our land protection efforts in specific areas where neighbors are encouraging their neighbors to protect land, and where these blocks of protected land connect with public parcels such as the George Washington National Forest and Short Mountain Wildlife Management Area or Cacapon State Park and Sidling Hill Wildlife Management Area.

Publicly and Privately Protected Lands in the Cacapon and Lost Rivers Watershed [Click to enlarge]

When adjoining parcels are protected, the sum of the conservation values is greater than isolated tracts of protected land in a sea of development.

  • Does your desire for land protection come from the heart?
  • Is your land like a loved one — you want to protect and care for it — to know it’s safe when you’re gone?
  • Do you wish to take advantage of the federal tax benefits provided for landowners who donate conservation easement on their land?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then a conservation easement agreement might be for you.