About Us

  • Protecting the forests, farms, rural heritage and water quality of the Cacapon and Lost River watershed


    Trust Overview

    The Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust (CLRLT or the Trust) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to conserving land in the Cacapon and Lost Rivers watershed of West Virginia. Our mission is to sustain healthy rivers, protect forests and farms, and preserve rural heritage in our watershed for the enjoyment and well-being of present and future generations. Although a small organization, CLRLT has protected 14,000 acres since our 1990 founding and was the first West Virginia-based land trust to achieve accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.

    Spanning Hampshire, Hardy, and Morgan counties, our heavily forested watershed is one of the most ecologically diverse in the eastern United States and is highly rated for climate resiliency and as an important wildlife migration corridor. We strive to protect the richest ecological and economically beneficial areas of our watershed and to link hubs and corridors of protected land.

    The Trust puts a very high value on our relationships with landowners, donors, and organizational partners. Key to our success is a reputation for integrity, creativity, and active listening.

    Trust Accomplishments

    • Largest local land trust in the state of West Virginia
    • 7th largest land trust in the entire Chesapeake Bay Watershed
    • Over $6 Million dollars of conservation easements have been put into the hands of local landowners
    • 1st West Virginia Land Trust to be accredited by LTA (Land Trust Alliance)
    • 53 Conservation Easements
    • 14,000+ acres permanently protected
  • Permanently Protecting Our Watershed

    Today 53 conservation easement agreements permanently protect the conservation values of 14,000 acres in our watershed.
    The Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust is the only homegrown organization exclusively dedicated to permanently protecting and preserving land in Cacapon and Lost River Valley. We have worked with our Valley’s landowners, for over 25 years to protect and preserve the natural resources, beauty and uniqueness of our Valley. Our work focuses on protecting only the richest ecological and economically beneficial areas to create a network of natural land hubs and corridors.

    Because Of You

    • We are the largest local land trust in West Virginia, the seventh largest land trust in the six-state Chesapeake Bay watershed, and across the nation in terms of acres protected, are in the top 10% of land trusts;
    • Over $6 million dollars of conservation investments have been put into the hands of local landowners to help maintain healthy rivers and protect our forests and farmland.
    • We are a National leader in land protection that protects neighboring parcels to form blocks of protected land; and
    • We are the first local West Virginia based land trust to be accredited by the Accreditation Commission of the Land Trust Alliance.

The Trust would not have these accomplishments without the help of our landowners and partners.